Gias Quality System

Creating quality products means offering consumers healthy, safe and fresh foods.

Our experience has taught us that the best products are the result of careful and scrupulous care in each phase: from sowing to harvesting, from processing to distribution. At the root of Gias's success there is the decision to carry out a direct control of the entire production chain.

Our Quality System

The "Gias quality system" ensures maximum protection of the consumer's health through the direct management of seeds, of the authorized pesticides for each crop, of crop inspections and acceptance, and of the production systems in the factory. Specifically, our agronomy service analyses the chemical composition of the soils and defines the certified integrated pest management guidelines; it provides the seeds and pesticides authorized for cultivation, without the use of GMOs; moreover, it periodically verifies the maturation of the products, in order to organize the harvesting and the prompt industrial processing. Once they arrive at the factory, the raw materials are immediately subjected to scrupulous chemical and physical analyses by our specialized staff. Moreover, they are selected both in the procurement phase and during the production process, through control systems such as optical sorting machines, X-rays and metal detectors. The complete traceability of the product is guaranteed in all phases, from the field to the product packed into bags, the result of a series of processes carried out along the entire food chain: a commitment to guarantee the reliability of our suppliers and the quality and safety of our frozen products.


Our production lines


We have eight different production lines:


Grilled Vegetable Line (Europe's largest factory by capacity), Steamed and Blanched Vegetable Line, Legumes and Grains Line, Pasta Line, Sauces Line; Product Mixing Line, Tray Line, Glazed Line.

Our raw materials

The selection of raw materials is the starting point for the excellence of Gias frozen products. The procurement comes from controlled supply chains that follow cultivation methods according to seasonality, using sustainability techniques that protect the ecological and economic principles and the health of operators and consumers. The checks on soil and seeds, and on the timing and the right methods of cultivation, is assured by our agronomy service.

The activities in the fields and in the factory are coordinated, so that the products are processed within a few hours of harvesting, keeping intact all the nutritional and sensory properties.

The processing


Once they arrive in the factory, the raw materials are processed, respecting their natural state, from the washing, sorting and preparation of the products to the freezing process that uses the most modern technologies. Even the packaging phase is carefully monitored to preserve the freshness and taste of the whole range of Gias products.

Research and development

We have a Research and Development department that deals with the evolution of new recipes and production techniques, with specific attention to the trends and needs of final customers and consumers. We have a dynamic and highly qualified team, made up for the most part by chemical engineers specialized in the agri-food sector.

The R&D of Gias spa aims to safeguard the best aspects of the ancient traditions, in harmony with the latest technologies. This happy union provides the foundations for our business: constant updating, imagination, creativity, bond with the local territory and quality.

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